About Us

We are a team of people that want to make sure that we do our bit and want to help others with their finances. We know that it is difficult to understand all of the concepts and many people have not had much help with it either. Some people feel that it will be too complicated, some feel it is boring and others do not understand how important it is. We want to be able to help everyone though and have therefore brought together some information which we hope will help. We have tried to cover topics that we think will help most people and therefore will hopefully allow lots of people to be able to learn more about money and how to handle their money better. We realise that this is something that is not easy to cover in one small website so our aim is to start the ball rolling. To get people more interested in money, to get them understanding why it is important to learn about it and hopefully to get them more excited about the prospect of being able to improve their financial situation. Then they can have a look at what is here and makes some changes and be ready to learn lots more and make even more changes until they are truly in control of the money in their life.